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Introduction to Provings
The provings presented here are done by students of the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course. Participation in these provings are not compulsory-the provers and supervisors volunteer their time outside of the Course. The HMC Course does go into the nature of provings especially from the perspective of clinical use.

What are Provings?
Homeopathy is based on the principle of "similar curing similar". This means that a substance that can create a set of symptoms in a person can cure those same symptoms, when given in a diluted and "potentized" form to a person suffering from similar symptoms. The basis of information for homeopathic remedies has traditionally been from recorded poisonings and from what are called "provings". Provings are when in an organized fashion, a group of individuals take the diluted and potentized substance and carefully record the symptoms that they experience over a period of time. The information is then organized and compiled together.

Remedy Preparation
Micheal Quinn who is the head of the Hahnemann Pharmacy kindly supplied most of the remedies for the HMC Provings. Also Robert Muntz from Remedia Pharmacy in Austria provided some remedies. The substances were carefully classified and then preparted according Hahnemannian principles. All remedies were taken in the 30c potency.

You can order these remedies by reaching the Hahnemann Labs through their excellent web site: or phone: 1-8884-ARNICA or  Remedia Pharmacy's excellent web site: Link to Remedia.

The most important part of a proving is the volunteers and individuals who make a proving happen. Along with Louis Klein, there are individuals who volunteer as Co Master Provers. There are supervisors and provers who remain anonymous A very special dedication and insight into homeopathy is developed as a result of participation in a good proving.

In 1995, the HMC Course in San Francisco developed a written agreement to be signed by all who participate in a proving. This was a document that was developed with reference to the Helsinki Human Experimentation Accord. It addressed concerns about what a prover could expect and how each prover and participant is to be treated and heard. It had a very beneficial effect on all provings.

The Nature of these Provings
The rigorous nature in which these provings were done grew out of the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course. Out of pursuing excellence in clinical practice we discovered that without a really good proving of a remedy, our grasp of that remedy is primarily from the clinical application rather than from the information in the proving. Many provings are incomplete primarily because they don't last long enough. The poor nature of proving information, is why, to a certain degree, so many newhomeopaths are desperately searching and using a lot of conjectural information when prescribing. This leads to relying solely on signature information in an attempt to advance their understanding. In the short term this approach may work to a degree but in the long term it will not truly advance ourart and science. The foundation of our science depends on good provings.

The standard for these provings was set by Hahnemann and has been further elucidated by Louis Klein.

By doing the more rigorous Hahnemannian proving, secondary symptoms, along with primary symptoms are revealed by the provers. Each prover had a supervisor who took the case prior to starting the proving. The supervisor then followed the individual prover on an almost daily basis in the beginning. This approach provides a degree of safety as well as helps the prover to stay on a track of reporting symptoms effectively.

Structure of Provings

The prover takes a homeopathically prepared substance in the 30c potency. It is repeated only if the initial dose fails to provide any effect. Most of the provers in all provings took just one dose. The prover keeps a journal of his symptoms preferably on a daily basis or when they occur.

The Supervisor's role is to assist the prover in relating and recording symptoms effectively as well monitor any strong reactions etc. Prior to the prover ingesting the remedy, the supervisor takes a complete "case" or records all the current symptoms the prover has experienced. After the prover takes the remedy, the supervisor stays in contact, usually by phone and records the interaction.

The supervisor also records all symptoms in a journal and these are compared to the provers in the final extraction.

Master Prover and CO Master Prover
The master prover and CO master prover make decisions as to what remedy is proven and the overall organization and monitoring.

Many hours of work go into compiling the information in a usable form. A number of individuals usually volunteer for this process. Most of the information in this internet format is based on a preliminary compilation with no editing of the expressions of the provers. Future books and documents with this information may contain more edited versions and larger introductory sections.

Use of Material
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The information is not intended for purposes of self-diagnosis or self treatment. Seek the advice of a health professional for any health problems you may be having.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing the links below. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, click here to download it for free, then return to this site and download the following topics.

Homeopathic Proving of Helodrilis Caliginosis- Earthworm Adobe PDF File
Homeopathic Proving of Loxosceles Reclusa- Brown Recluse Spider Adobe PDF File
Homeopathic Proving of Carbon Dioxide Adobe PDF File
Understanding Carbon Dioxide through Chemistry Adobe PDF File

Homeopathic Proving of Coriandrum Adobe PDF File
Coriandrum Sativum Repertory Symptoms Adobe PDF File
Homeopathic Proving of Argentum Sulphuricum Adobe PDF File
Homeopathic Proving of Vanilla Planifolia Adobe PDF File

 Proving of Paracanthurus Hepatus- Blue Tang Fish Adobe PDF File

New! Homeopathic Proving Yellow Box Fish- Ostracion cubicus Adobe PDF File


Provings from Graduates of the HMC Course

Homeopathic Proving of Car Exhaust Fumes
Homeopathic Proving of Citrus Nobilis - Orange
Homeopathic Proving of Lepomis Gibbosus Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Homeopathic Proving of TV emanations

Homeopathic Proving of Calypte Anna - Hummingbird Adobe PDF File
Homeopathic Proving of Musca Domestica - Housefly
Homeopathic Proving of Hippocampus Kuda - Seahorse
Homeopathic Proving of Lamprohiza Splendidula - Firefly Adobe PDF File

Homeopathic Proving of Giant Green Sea Anemone Adobe PDF File
Homeopathic Proving of Lac Cameli dromedari- Camel's Milk

Homeopathic Proving of MSG- from another non-HMC source

Get many of these provings in book form!
Many of the provings above are available in book form entitled "Luminos Homeopathic Provings" by Louis Klein FS Hom. The book also has valuable information on directing provings and also includes the proving of Vanilla Planifolia. Or email us at for more details.

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